It was started on the Cavedog War Stories Forum back around September 1999 by a guy called Delta1. Anybody trying to make sense of it is doomed to disappointment at the very least. Here's the list, not updated in about a year (mostly because nobody has joined the war in that time). You will see people on the list you had forgotten, or even never knew existed.

Amino Acid List of Characters

The nucleotides:

E1701 - Adenine
AMRAAM - Cytosine
Icydeath - Thymine
CamTarn - Guanine
SPrice - Uracil (only found in RNA)

The L-amino acids:

Delta1 - aspartic acid
Commander043 - Leucine
EMG Man - Cysteine
Ian Price - Histidine ,br> TAA Pikachu - Isoleucine
Berserker - Valine
Mr. Armageddon – Glycine, Asparagine
Ry Safley - Tyrosine
Esoteric - Lysine
Mr. Nobody - Methionine
Avatar - Alanine
Kellan - Threonine
SeventhTwo - Proline
Dfanatica - Tryptophan
FyreHeart - Serine
Sarevok – Phenylalanine
Chris (James Bond) – Arginine
Valin Halcyon – Glutamine
Commander VassRoza - Glutamate

Other amino acids:

Rocko - Citruline
Ballistic – Pyroglutamine
Admanta - Taurine

Jinksy has claimed LSD, or Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.
Warsmith is Psilocibin, another halucinogen.
ATRCaptainKirk is ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
Cynarion, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) a neurotransmitter
Flamebroiled eschews all association with amino acids or nucleotides.
Pyro has countered with a war of nuclear particles and claims to be -=Pyro, Commander In Chief of the NEP [Neutron Electron Proton] forces=-
Computer Guru, Beta Ray (ZAP ZAP ZAP)
Spunkmonkey, §ysteine the war of non-amino acids.
Uberhack - Catecholamine




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