The TA Night Before Christmas - By Ktulu

'Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the base,
not a unit was fighting,
and no nano-lathes.
The defences were humming all ready to fight,
Hoping the enemy would come when it's light.

The attackers were marching - watching their infra-reds,
While visions of air-support danced in their heads.

The defences undamaged - not even a tap,
The Arm Comm settled down for a nice little nap.

When out on the plain, there arose such a clatter,
The commander got up to see what was the matter.
To the edge of the base, he ran in a flash.
Jumped the DT's and land-ed with a crash.

The moon cast it's glow on all he could see,
Lighting the ground - and the attack that would be.
For what to his wondering eyes should appear?
But columns of units - all almost here!
With a shiny Core Comm, so lively and quick.
He looked at his defences and began to feel sick.

More rapid than Peepers, the enemies came,
And he signaled and radioed and called them by name:
"Now Slasher, now Crasher! now AK and Raider!
On Pyro! on Sumo! Con. bot. and Reaper!
To the top of the cliff! reclaim that wall!
Now blast away! blast away! blast away all!

As mexes before the wild Hurricane fly,
When met with an obstacle, blew to the sky,
So into the base, the attackers they flew,
With a stack load of kills, and the Core Comm too.

And then in a twinkling, all through the base,
The bright laser fire, made a real awful mess.
As Arm Comm drew his D-gun and was turning around,
The enemy Comm came, up the cliff with a bound.

He had on a skirt, metal: head to foot,
And his body was tarnished with ashes and soot.
His arm was drawn up to deliver a blow,
The tip of his D-gun charged with a glow.

This powerful weapon, of incredible heat,
Was primed to turn anything into mince-meat.
The Arm Comm circled, saw the yellow pack,
Raised his light laser and shot for the back.

The Core Comm's eyes twinkled, his expression so mean!
As he fell to the ground, his wounds could be seen.
The faceplate metallic, emotionless, stiff,
He gave away nothing as he was pushed off the cliff.

He rolled right off the edge, and fell away fast.
That chunk of metal was now a piece of the past.
Light in his eyes, he twisted his head,
The Arm Comm could see he soon would be dead.

The Commander was pleased, at his witty plan,
To drop the Core Comm far down to the sand.

And not being satisfied, of Core morale spent,
He gave him the finger, as down, down he went.

He walked to the edge, the battle forgotten.
He had to see him fall,... and hit the bottom.

But the Core Comm was heard, as he fell out of sight,
Saying, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night."




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