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Hurricane posted September 22, 2001 22:20 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

Some players are supposedly better at TA under the influence of Alcohol. ROCK says he needs a few drinks before he can play to his full capability and Blackflag often boasts his use of TA in combination with other chemical substances.

Do you think that in future Clan Battle Leagues there should be blood tests to ensure an equal level playing field or do you believe that the TA playing l337 should continue to ignore this issue?

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Snake posted September 22, 2001 23:43 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

Yeah I play TA the best when I'm out of it usually pain killers do the trick ! Drugs are standard in TA and shouldn't be taken away from us !


Buzzsaw posted September 23, 2001 05:28 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

Well in my opinion this is like the drink driving issue in the 80's (Australia). Everyone said that alcohol did not effect their driving skills and many claimed they even made them better, studies proved otherwise and I'm sure if we did the same thing with TA the results would be similar, your judgement is effected for the worse.

I have played a friend while he was drunk before, he was funnier with comments such as "What did my vehicle lab ever do to you?" (insert multiple typos) but his TA skills definitely went downhill.

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Hurricane posted September 23, 2001 07:28 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

I can't handle more than 2 construction units when drunk. Expanding just demands waaay too much concentration.

I could probably manage a 2vs2 on GoW pretty easily- everythings on one screen mostly.

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Core Commander Administrator posted September 23, 2001 08:08 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

There's this demo floating around of drunk ROCK kicking rear and taking names in GoW 2v2..

I think alcohol in small amounts may actually be helpful if it makes people "loosen up", and not be so nervous and just lay back and do "their thing". I don't believe you can actually play well when you're seriously drunk though.

Blood tests LOL great idea

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Enforcer posted September 26, 2001 07:31 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

I've had plenty of drunken games. Fell asleep on time cos i was so drunk. Lated 15mins while asleep cos other guys (Poosticks..hehe) didnt realise due to my units returning fire and my comm guarding out 200 odd sammies.

A few of us have form a BEER clan and are often on GBL.

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Guardian posted September 26, 2001 17:56 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

Does this explain some of the things I see here on the forums?

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Leviathan posted September 26, 2001 19:35 | Edit/Delete Message | View IP

Are you JUST noticing this? I thought it was a requirement to be drunk to post here. Anyone know what happened to that "Your all weirdos" forum? THAT was true drunkeness.

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