TA For Dummies: Preschool Edition

Commanders have Anti-matter backbacks for power, blueprints and nanolathes which allow them, in a matter of hours, to build very large bases, and special nano-technology which allow them to create the intelligences running other war machines, or simpletons like yourself. An intelligent AK with a sense of self preservation would never do on a battlefield.

Like normal matter, but the opposite charge and magnetic moment. When anti-matter and normal matter combine theres a big bang, you get lots of energy and lots of nasty gamma rays that give you cancer- much like mobile phones.

This works by supressing (squashing) the quantum field strenght of the 'gluons' (like glue) that hold together atomic nuclei (really small particles). The matter tears apart*, leaving hydrogen, deuterium and a burst of free neutrols. Now at some point during your life someones going to tell you that his Krogoth had high veteran status and survived a d-gun blast.

He's lying.

Mineral Deposit:
This is an economic term. If a metal patch is visible from the surface it is worth developing. An ore body looks like a rough section of shiny rocks. the more shiny rocks visible the more metal you can use to build shiny tanks - comprende?

Very, very small particle. One millionth of a meter. Most nano-bots are less than a micron in diameter.

Imagine a micron. OK, now think of something a lot smaller than that. Thats a Nanometer.

Tiny robots are powered onto a skeleton. They each know where to go because you gave them the correct coordinates. You did give them the right ones did'nt you? Good. As they settle into position they fuse together creating solid material . Then a 2nd stage of nano-lathing takes place. Special** nano-bots go about creating the rest of the units systems- optical links, weapons systems, chilled drinks dispenser.

*Just like in Star Trek when one of the engineers fucks up and tears a hole in the space time continium.
**I don't mean disabled ones, just ones with special skills.

Glossary Of Terms

Dumbass, Free Nuke: Both Commanders
Skirty, Blockhead: Core Commander
Little Guy with a Big Lag: Peewee
Suicidal: A.K.
All Legs: Storm
Walking Observatory: Crasher
Wright Brothers: Jethros
Coke Can on Wheels: Weasel
Spraypaint Can: Instigator
Biscuit Tin: Raider
Toy Firetruck: Slasher
Shoebox: Arm Kbot Lab
When is it gonna start cranking up some tanks??!!: Core Vehicle Plant
F-117: Avengers (Look carefully; Cavedog ripped the design from the real-life F-117)
Eric Kartman: The Can
Eric Kartman "Fatass": Sumo
Tinner Can: Reaper
Rusty Old Trashcan, Anti-Ressurection Tank: Goliath (When you kill a Goliath, it turns into a Diplomat wreckage, so when you resurrect it, it turns into a Diplomat)
Tricycle: Luger
Little Bug: Spider Tank
Barn Roof: Arm Advanced Kbot Lab
Doggies: Fidos
Holy Shit!, F***!, Crap on Me, Oh My God: Things you say when you see a Krogoth.
Flying Fat Lady: Phoenix
Flying Frying Pan: Hurricane
Lesser Flying Frying Pan: Vamp
Flintstone Cars: Both Mine layers
Unshootable, Aiming Crapper: Pelican (Enemy weapons seems to fall short of hitting it while in water)
Armadillo: FARK
Up-yours dude: Necro (clue: two fingers)
Flying Pancake: Core Advanced Construction Aircraft
Little Flowers: Arm Solar Collectors
Bigass gun: Big Bertha
Plasma-shooting Telescope: Intimidator
Big F***ing Gun: Vulcan
Guy with a Hopoate Stick: Morty




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