Fred The Krogoth; Chapter 1 - By TCC

As Fred that lovable huggable Krogoth, lumbered over the grassy terrain of Lush he would smile if he had lips (He requested some, but no one answered his request). He was along side Bob the Krogoth and his hero, the Core Commander They were silently (?) making there way on a invasion mission to destroy the ARM base near the Flagger Mountains.
"Fred"! Said The Core Commander, "you take the east side while Bob and I make our way up the middle Fred appeared confused for a moment.
"That way is east Fred", said the Core Commander, pointing his nanolathe to the east.
"Oh", said Fred as the clouds departed from his mind, "Thank you boss".
"Alright", said the Core Commander viscously, as he stared toward where the ARM base was. "Prepare to attack, move in on my command.
Fred slowly made his way to the East. After he had traveled about two clicks he was immediately lost, for he forgot which way the Commander pointed. "Uh oh", he said silently, then he closed his eyes, picked a direction, and lumbered off.

The Core units were now outside the ARM base, as missiles were screaming toward the metal walls and exploding with relative force.
"GET THOSE PEEWEES ON LINE"! Shouted the ARM commander, giving orders. He had arrived on Lush only twenty four hours before, and this was a surprise factor to the Core.
As AKs burst through the now gigantic holes, they were eliminated immediately by a D-Gun blast.
"Damnit"! Shouted the Core Commander; "The ARM commander is in the base. No matter, we shall still prevail", he smiled for a moment, and sent in the Krogoth.

As the battle raged on for hours and hours, neither side gaining an inch, Fred was now making his way up the mountains. "I wonder where those guys are", Fred said to himself, then immediately stopped as he came to the edge of a rather large cliff. "Whoa", said Fred, who was used to being up at high altitudes, "now that is high"!
Just then, the Big Bertha shell landed on his arm, ripping it off.
Fred glanced to the left, and noticed the giant, unmanned cannon, firing off at the Core Units Miles below. Fred looked at the giant shell that had rather violently removed his arm, he looked up at the giant cannon, then he walked to the edge of the cliff, turned around, and said, "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU BBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD"!!!!
His gauss cannons fired again and again, and after many shots, the giant cannon was crippled and it fell. It landed with crash, and Fred looked at the edge of the cliff proudly. "I did good", he said, once again trying to smile. But before he could leave, something rather bad happened.
The cannon exploded.
The next thing Fred knew, he was sailing down toward the ARM base...... "CCCCCCCRRRRRRRAAAA........"!!! Fred began to yell.

Down below, the ARM was now attaining victory. Thanks to the unexpected presence of the ARM commander, no Core units could penetrate the base. Casualties were high, and the Core were given the order to retreat. "YES", shouted the ARM, "Run Core scum, feel the wrath of the ARM"!
Just then, the ARM commander noticed all of his units running away. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING"! He shouted, then he noticed something. He looked down, then said ďA shadow He looked up, his receptors widened, and he aimed his D-gun up at the falling structure.
However, he was not fast enough.
Only the Core units, who were retreating, survived the Anti-matter explosion. They turned around, and the Core Commander smiled. "Yes, Zeus #3464372, confirm what that was".
The Zeus quickly checked the satellite frequencies, and turned to the Core commander, "Well sir, as weird as it sounds, it looks like something landed on the ARM commander.
Every Core Unit began to laugh. "Well, said the Core Commander, "That was an unexpected victory. It goes to show you that the Core shall always prevail.
They took what was left of the base, as ten AKs carried Fred's head back for a sign of victory.
A few days later, Fred was repatterned, and promoted for his accomplishments. He complained of a headache, but nothing more.




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