Fred The Krogoth; Chapter 2 - By TCC

As Fred slowly made his way through the piles of assorted scrap metal and other things better left unknown, he stepped on something that seemed to grip onto his leg. "YYYYYYOOOOOOUUUUSSSSS IIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSS BBBBBAAAADDDDDDSSSSS"! He yelled, and then shot at his foot. His armour was heavily damaged, but he was sure he got whatever it was. "Dumb planet", he thought, "if I could smell, I’d probably be offended". He then limped across the landscape continuing his patrol.

Not far away, a Kryptor, serial number # 797601, slowly crushed his way toward the Core base on a search and destroy mission. This Kryptor, who had assaulted many of his superiors in the past, had been nick named "Blood Donor". He was rather disturbed in the mind, and anyone who said this to his face ended up with certain limbs up certain places. The ARM basically sent him on suicide missions in order to be rid of him. Somehow, he had always managed to return. So today, his mission orders were to seek out the Core Commander and destroy him. The ARM felt that even if somehow he managed to accomplish this somehow, the anti-matter would make short work of him. BD (as some of his fellow Kryptors referred to him as) had a lot of angry to work out, so before he left base he stopped to have a word with the PeeWees.
As a PeeWee leg fought for life as it hung out BD’s mouth, he didn’t even bother to scan the area. He had been pointed in the right direction, and he needed nothing more.
Unbeknown to either Kbot, was that they were on a direct course with each other.

Fred continued to limp slowly across the miles of scrap, wondering why his foot was hurting, he decided to rummage through the piles to see what he could see. He pushed a large pile over, noticing that many of the brand names were ACME, and listened to the tiny screams escaping from the pile.
"Hee hee", he chuckled to him self, "I bet I hurt something just then". As he continued to search through the junk, his faulty sensors didn’t pick up the large thing lumbering toward him. They merely told him weather updates.
BD was now charging toward Core territory, as his anger built to extreme levels in his mind. "MUST DESTROY COMMANDER"! He snarled. The piles of garbage were so high, he felt slightly dwarfed and this made him even angrier, "ALL SHALL DIE BY MY HAND"! He seethed, his receptors becoming blinded by the rage.

Fred then received a call from somewhere, "FRED, FRED COME IN"! Came the voice of a Pyro from somewhere. "Uh…” he paused, looking around, "Hello? Where are you"?
"YOU IDIOT, I’M OVER THE COMMUNICATIONS"! The Pyro now sounded annoyed.
Fred looked slightly confused, then nodded his head smiling and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot about that".
Fred looked around a second, pausing to respond. "I don’t see them", said Fred after a moment.
Fred looked confused for a moment, looked directly down, and began walking around. As he watched everywhere he stepped, he wondered why his foot looked damaged….

The Kryptor now was in full charge, knocking things over and yelling in rage, "NO ONE SHALL STAND IN MY WAY!!!!!!! EVERYTHING WILL DIE"!!!!!!!! His scanners said that there was a Core unit somewhere around here, but he ignored this. "LET THEM COME"!!!!!! He yelled, "LET THEM DIE"!!!!

Fred was slowly walking deeper into the fortified zone, not realizing that the nuclear mines were increasing in number below his feet. Some slowly came to life as the giant Krogoth lumbered by.
As Fred nearly hit one, he toppled slightly into a pile that was actually three times bigger then he. He was about to comment, when he stepped forward…….
BD lunged forward, and his leg striking the Krogoth’s directly on, and his momentum sent him flying forward. He slid for many, many meters, and would have slid more; if he hadn’t activated about ten mines as he shuck the ground.
Back at the Core Base, the Pyro monitoring the fortified zone, almost was sent flying back, as the monitors went crazy with nuclear blasts. The whole Core Base and miles of land around shook violently, even the ARM Base, several thousand clicks away, registered the shock waves.
There was no response.
Aerial units were launched.

The units had trouble entering the area; the nuclear levels were higher then they had expected. But they finally landed, and teams began searching for an answer to what happened. "What’s going on", bellowed the Core Commander, "Report"!
"It would appear", said the Pyro almost embarrassed, "that Fred must have detonated a field of….".
"Sir"! Yelled a Soul Reaver, "We’re finding pieces of Kryptor everywhere"!
The Core Commander ignored this, "Continue Pyro".
"Well sir", said the Pyro proudly, "that Fred must’ve lured a raging Kryptor into this mine field".
"Really, has anything left of him been found", said the Commander blankly, a lone Kryptor wasn’t much news. The Pyro looked at the Soul Reaver. After a quick nod, the Pyro said, "Um, yes sir, but not very much as it were…".
"Then pattern the man back, and continue with your work", said the Core Commander uninterestingly, "we’re in a war here people". Then with that, the Core Commander walked away.
"But sir, you gave orders to never pattern Fred ever….", the Pyro paused, then added, "never mind sir". A week later, Fred was back on his feet. A moment after that, one of those feet were missing.
But who really gives a damn.




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