Fred: Chapter III

Many the Kbot view the Krogoth as somewhat a simple creature. This is in fact quite the opposite. The Krogoth is in fact extremely complicated in its nature. It's only it's mind that is simple. Many also view this as the same thing.
But here is a simple battle story, told from the optic sensors of that most lovable (?) of Super Kbot, the Krogoth. And also starring that annoying ARM Kbot, the PeeWee.

As Fred the Krogoth lumbered over the grassy/jungle terrain of Lush, he barely noticed that his communications array was blipping from a slight malfunction. Of course there was a lot Fred didn't notice, he was viewed as slow even by his fellow Krogoth. But this didn't bother Fred much, for he still worked hard at his dream; to be the favorite Krogoth in the eyes of his hero, his leader: the Core Commander. This was an extremely large task however, with Krogoth such as Bob still held in such high regard. A Krogoth would have to match the battle skills of Bob, while not being blown up, to accomplish this task.
NO one thought it could be done. So he continued on his scout and destroy mission around the perimeter of a new Core base, buried deep in the heart of Lush. As Fred's communications system took its final beep before shutting down until repairs. Fred knocked over a tree, then continued on his way.

Meanwhile, about seven clicks away from Fred's position, PeeWee #4896701 slowly made it's way through the dense wooded area near the edge of the Core's territory. He saw Fred, just about everything for ten miles around saw Fred, but Fred didn't see the Peewee. This confused the PeeWee, for obviously he was within the area the Core was currently scanning. He decided to call it in.
"Sir, hold off the attack! I am currently targeting a Krogoth just inside the Core territory"; The PeeWee said as he made sure there was still enough distance between him and the Krogoth.
"What"? Came the voice of the commanding Zeus, who was currently leading an ARM platoon on a frontal attack mission on the Core base, "has it spotted you yet"?
"No sir", Said the PeeWee expressing his confusion, "I'm obviously within his scanning range, yet he continues to march due east".
"Away from your position", the Zeus said grimly, "I hope we aren't dealing with Bob here".
The PeeWee went slightly pale around the receptors. Bob was known through out the ARM for his irregular battle strategies. ARM intelligence was currently trying its darndest to discover why Core continued to pattern this mind of Bob into a new body after every battle. So far, they are unsuccessful. "Sir, what shall I do"?
The Zeus was silent for a moment, then responded, "Continue to track this Krogoth, see what it does. At the first sign of trouble, contact us and we'll continue with our previously planned attack".
"Affirmative sir", answered the PeeWee somewhat reluctantly. He turned back to the Krogoth slowly, then quickly called the Zeus back. "Hey sir"!
"What is it"? Asked the Zeus anxiously.
"What's the reward for a PeeWee taking out a Krogoth"? The Zeus was silent for a moment, then smiled and said, "Instant promotion to FIDO".
The PeeWee smiled viscously, then said “Affirmative Over and out".

Back at the platoon, a Rocko gingerly made his way to the commanding Zeus. "Um, sir"?
"Yes, Rocko #24367821", the Zeus loomed over the over the rocko.
"What are the odds of the PeeWee surviving"?
The Zeus calculated this for a moment, then confirmed the answer the Rocko had first calculated. "Several hundred and nine million to one".
"About there"?
"About there".
The Rocko slowly let this sink in, then looked up at the Zeus and said, "That high huh"?
The Zeus was silent as he stared in the direction of the Core base. "Yes, that high".
The Rocko thought about this for a moment then retook his place back in rank.

As Fred pushed down an another tree, he still pondered how they made that damn D-Gun work. The Core Commander himself had told him magic fairies lived inside, and they fed only on armor. Though this answer seemed perfectly acceptable, he couldn't figure out why the Core Commander had walked off laughing after answering Fred's question. Now Fred wondered if the fairies were ticklish.
As Fred was pondering the mysteries of the Bulldog, the PeeWee slowly made his way up behind him. He let out a quiet sigh of relief; this Krogoth didn't possess the profanity and other assorted graffiti that Bob possess. He was no more then half a click away, and the Krogoth still showed no signs of responding. Now the only logical answer the PeeWee could think have been: this Krogoth must be damaged in some way. So, being to fool hardy PeeWee #4896701 tended to be (the one before him had taken out a critical Sumo), decided against his better judgement and charged. He was about to fire his EMGs, when Fred turned to look at a passing butterfly.
"Now that would be something to pattern", Fred said to himself, "The Butterfly Kbot. I wish I was one of those". A moment later, there was an explosion from under Fred's foot. It slightly damaged his armor, but it still took twenty seconds for the damage to register. "Huh? What the heck was that"? He looked down at his foot, aimed his gauss cannons, and yelled, "YYYYYOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS IIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS BBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSS"! After another moment, he smiled to himself and said, "Needs work", and then Fred went to look for the butterfly.

Meanwhile, back where the Zeus and his platoon, the other ARM Kbots were getting edgy. The Zeus was frantically calling on his communicator, "PeeWee #4896701. PeeWee #4896701! Respond"!
"What happened boss"? Asked an under informed Thud.
"I've lost contact with one of the scouts", said the Zeus grimly, "okay men, it's time too...” the Zeus was interrupted by a sound behind him.
"Well well well, what do we have here"? Said the Core Commander viscously.
"Looks like a bunch of dead ARM scum", said Bob the Krogoth.
"Well, let's show them how hospitable we are, shall we"? The Core Commander said to the rest of his troops. "Sure thing boss", said Bob, who now turned to the ARM scum and said those classic words, "YYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU BBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD"!!!!!! The Arm did retaliate, but not for very long.




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