Never Underestimate... -- by UniqueCrash5

As the sun rose over the field of battle, a small rodent made it's way through the piles of burnt and twisted metal. Weaving quickly through the wreckage, pausing only to lament the loss of trees that grew here for as long as he could remember, the small creature moved with determination towards its goal.

The Commander chassis glinted in the morning light. It was rare to find one so peaceful and serene as this. With no enemy units to destroy any more and a world taken and secured, it sat in silent mediation, no doubt communicating with it's fellows through a subspace relay. A small red light went on when the tiny creature neared the towering metal monster, but no other indication of life came forth. It had noticed the small, insignificant appearing creature's approach, but paid it no mind. 'Good,' thought the rodent, 'good...'

Scrambling up the huge creature was not unlike scaling a tree; difficult, but by no means impossible. Cracks and burns in the Commander's armor, while healed, retained the scars as marks of honor. Ascending the dizzying height of the machine was just a matter of moving from one to another.

Finding the access panels it needed was another trick, but the small creature had looked and studied well. The panel opened easily, and still the giant took no notice. It was only after the second panel opened that the Commander stirred, pulled from his far-off discussions by the high shriek of the suit's maintenance computer wailing: "Warning! Chassis security compromised! Intrusion detected in life supp----..." The Arm Commander never heard the full warning... As the carefully shielded life-sustaining capsule deep within the monstrous engine of destruction filled quickly with super-cold coolant, the soldier had only a moment to wonder who had gone wrong... and then, oblivion.

Hacking the suit's computer was a task that took longer than the small maze of crossed wires that made the chassis his, but the rodent was patient, and skilled beyond what his appearance would suggest. The versatility of the computer system was it's weakness as well as it's strength. The sun was low in the sky before it's objective was achieved, but it had all been worthwhile...

By the time the giant rose from it's slumber and began moving swiftly in the direction of the setting sun, the moons had begun to rise in the east. The dead satellites were the only witness to what the Universe had never expected, even in the wild dreams of long-dead gods: a hamster with a D-Gun.

To be continued...?




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