The Ultimate Newbie Guide By PeterC

Hey n00b. I'll now teach you all you need to know. Most people play OTA, which is the original version of TA that comes in your box plus CC. Some players have BT installed for the maps, so you may want to use that too. If you are interested in mods, you may want to try BSR's UH, DRUH, SWTA or XTA. In terms of the game itself, you may enjoy playing maps like GoW, CC, Acid4, RHL, GD, GD2, GoW2, LHG, kotH, CM, CTI, DS, FM, GPP, GH, HI, JP, C2C, LP, PD, RP or TCP, although if someone asks for a game on MH, MH2, CPIA or S2S they are likely a newbie. Some TA units suck badly normally, including DTs, AKs, RFLRPCs, FFs, LLTs, HLTs. But MRPCs, BBs and FAVs own and MMMs can even be sparked. CT was creator of TA and CC, but not TAK. He went on to make DS, which is an RPG. Anything else you need to know and there are plenty of us to sort it out, BTW.

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