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Aw damn u found me out!

Thats right everyone, i'm a total newbie. Never played online.....Hell i never even played TA before, i was looking for porn and i found this so i just decided to have some fun.........

First of all, i can post screenshots of what a defense line should look like. 2nd Any good game will not allow EMG or core eqv etc. To this date i have yet to have someone crack my defense line cause of one unit and one unit only DT's!

I will agree defenders are good, but there too lightly armoured when face with hvy firepower. Hence the DT's will filter most inc shots. Samsons dont really bother me cause i usally just have my commander d-gun a rush that way i can save my units for my own rush, now that the dumb newbie is totally defenseless. There aint no rush that will kill a commander if ur smart. Simply have a commander behind some DT's pull around the corner and do some ground d-gun shots. Rush is over,on with ur attack. Another thing to do is put LLT's around defenders for air attacks, missiles drop from underneath a plane then go to there target but if something is inthere path at the same lvl they will hit that instead, this also include the wreckage.

A rush is not ment to kill ur commander, its got 2 purposes.

Energy resource buildings are always #1!!! in target lists for me always Well next to the lvl 3 tech tree

Peter C STFU and go back to playing the AI, he might teach u a thing or too.

Re-read the topic pls. As far as taking out ur base, well they dont do that, but since when will a player let there base be taking out by a BB, anyone who does is a complete moron and sould go back to starcrap.

98% of battles will happen on the lvl 2 tech tree, supported by lvl 1. LVL 3 tech units and buildings should not ever get the chance to be used effectivly. No if's and's or But's.

Dragons teeth do not have a single downside to them. When used properly they still are 100% effective one way or another.

a smart person who knows how to use them, can make them more useful then a big bertha. Trust me u guys dont got a clue what u can use them for there one of the best units in the game.

I have won many many many games using dragons teeth, i will use them over a BB anyday of the week. They cost nothing to build and easy to make and deploy. They are a suberb item. BB's are just targets, waste of resources and time, a player wont allow a BB to be build but he dont care about Dragons Teeth.

If u want to put in defense, just put a couple of this combo around your base: 3-4 MTs, 2 HLTs, 1 Guardian, DT around all of it. Doubling up on those numbers will really beef up your defence. Oh, and dont forget radar coverage. But there is always one important thing to remember, any determined player can always find a way in through your defenses.

If you want to wreck to frogoths that come near your base you should try putting useless stuff it doesnt want to destroy in its way... like the dragons teeth or even metal extractors to slow it down, whilst you rip it to pieces with long range super-guns like the annihilator and big bertha. You only need aa defence to start to first 10 minutes anything else is a waste of resources. You should concentrate your defences on one side of you base and use your commander to waste anything that comes in the otherside.

Wind is usually useless since few maps give u enough energy compared to a solar.

sure i will play anyone here just let me know when
as for emg's there bad for online because if one person does not have a good enough system it will lag the game, yes i know the emg patch but still it does not always help.
as for building Tech 3 well alot of games dont last that long, in my own opinion there are 2 games. The quick which is like rushes etc and there is the extended where it turns into a war of attriation. Each person uses nukes bb's yada yada making full bases. As for LLTs i hardly use them but they are very good to hide in a DT field, along with mines etc just before the enemy gets to ur first line. I dont really lile emg's due to the fact there abused units, when people make up 100 or so flashes and rush away. There is no tactics in that its mindless and totally defeats the purpose of a real time STRATEGY. As for the tech tree which most fights occur are u saying like 30+mins into a game ur still using massive raids of lvl 1 attackers, while there getting wiped in in 1-3 shots from lvl 2-3 defenses.
LLTS are just a drasction, they need to be taking out before u can go on to the rest of the defenses, if u leave them then they will overlap there fire and wipe u out.

LOL anyone want to play pls by all means lets play
i been in TA longer then 99% of this board.
i know there are better players out there then me. But i'm quite confident that no one can shatter my defense line and make it to my center.
I am a defense whore, i love it i live it i breath i eat it up.

Topic: ta stretages and tatecs Haker posted September 18, 2001 15:53 |

i are new tu totol anilation

i ned sum stretages and tatecs su i cen beet peeple. i wuld aprecate ane halp.

tank yu

i are teh moust puwerfol haker evar




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