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Topic: Fast Krogoth
TA_Charmer by posted October 03, 2001 12:12

i have been developing this tactic for a very long time.
This tactic is very good for huge maps such as comet because it is a good wind map and has lots of resources.
First go Arm and make your ally go core, Built 10 winds that wil take care of al your energy for the gam.
get your ally to share an advanced con
use that conn to build krogoth
this can be used off about 4 metal extractors if done right.
u can end up with a 35minut krogath and just walk through your enemys base
it works well for me try it yourself

When i have enough fusion reactors i send like about 5 cloaked shooters jst outside the base (dont want to get any enemys in contact range) And search out a patroling or doin nothin commander and kill it.If u scout out ahead shooters have quet a long range laser and. but once they shoot they get killed when they uncloak.


got to agree with the gunship advice. You dont need 50 though. 5 will do the job quite effectivly in about 5 seconds if his air defences are piss poor. But i would go for about 20 rapiers. Absolutely class. They take out the commander before you can blink, and if you just fancy playing with the opponant, just let them destroy his base. even with good air defenses, you have time to take out absolutely any target that you want before they get destroyed. good idea to send in a few scout planes to see what he has in store so that you can pick a good target, or just find the commander.

Haker posted October 03, 2001 15:19
i tink taht tis giy is tring tu bee lik meh.
i caen got a kragath en unly 12 secands (im a haker)


i am gonna be controvertial here. i prefer core, unlike most of the people i know. The main reason for choosing arm as opposed to core is for the early stages of the game, the flash tank being the ultimate in cheesy units. A flash tank rush, if done properly will decimate a core base run by anything but a very competant player. However, if the game does get into the later stages, then core has an advantage in the advanced unit section. This is not to say that arm is lacking. Just try walking 10 or so mavericks through a base, accompanied by a radar jammer so they dont see you coming and you will see that arm definitly has a lot to offer.
So, arm is good for the start of a game, core is better for a prolonged game, but at the end of the day it is whatever you are the most comfortable with. ps. If you flash rush a base in multiplayer it is a good way to get unpopular in a hurry

Air Phantom
Clutter defense. I set up, MT's, Plasma cannons, and other various defences in a totaly random but very ordered and cluttered group. Works very very well.




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