Jeffy Recall? -- by Paradox

ARM Commanders were dismayed to learn that a fault in the electrical systems of the J7J-Jeffy fast scout vehicle led to internal short circuits and in many cases, fires. ARM R+D has recalled the unit from ARM databanks, and has released the nanolathe blueprints for the new model. Said ARM Commander HArDTiME_77:

"Yeah, you know, I was sending out a couple of my guys over this hill, right? Saw a couple of those flouring Core metalhead's metal extractors on the other side. So I revved up a few Jeffies to take 'em out, right? Well, they cross over the hill and I start hearing all this screaming over my communications. Something about fire. Now, I know for a fact that this Core flourhead doesn't have any Pyros or nothing out there, so I go over to check it out. Sure enough, there's not a single pattern for miles, but a couple of the Jeffies are burning. Weirdest flour I've ever seen."

ARM citizens who have purchased Jeffy-class vehicles for recreational use are advised to return the faulty vehicles to the nearest army surplus stockyard for a trade-in.

The new model not only includes the fix to the internal electrical systems, but also an optional tinted moon-roof, extra cup holder, and pinstripe for a new "sporty" life. The Jeffy is being marketed to the civilian mass market with the following wide-band feed commercial:


[Scene of happy family climbing into new J7K-Jeffy fast scout vehicle]
"With a sporty new design and room for three, the Arm Jeffy is the perfect tool for tackling even the harshest of road conditions.
[Scene changes to that of massive traffic gridlock]
"And with the optional roof-mounted ultralight laser cannon, fighting the rush hour traffic has never been easier!"
[Happy family father opens fire on unsuspecting minivan which erupts into flames. Happy family father flips on his turn signal and enters the flow of traffic.]
"The Arm Jeffy; because every day can be a good day when you're behind the wheel of a Jeffy."





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