How to be L337 - By Fox

With the unprecidented rise of 1337ness in the Total Annihilation Community now-a-days, many a folk have approached many old time TA players, such as myself and have asked how can they become as 1337 as myself and many others so they may join with this new class of superior TA players/human beings. In a effort to make sure no one is excluded from this fantastic revolution (that's just the kind of guy I am) I have decided to write an actual tutorial on how to become a 1337 TA player, thereby making you a better human being and loved by all.

Part 1 - A Discussion of 1337ness as it stands

Now as stated many times previously, the more 1337 you are, and the better TA player you are, the better person you become in real life. For example, the BTU clan's 1337 TA playing ability has elevated them to the postion of God or prehaps one beyond human comprehension. They have reached the pinnicle of human development, and we should all strive to be like them. Next down the line is all the other TA clans, followed by myself, Hanni, JJ, and the like. Although we all may deny it, we too also strive to be as 1337 as the BTU.

Part 2 - Your first step into 1337ness

Now obviously the quickest route to 1337ness is by joining a clan.
"But Fox! How do I join a clan?"

That's a good question Jimmy-Bob. Many TA players make the horrible mistake of jumping into a clan immediately. This can be very harmful to your 1337ness status, especially if you are a new person to the community. See, if you attempt to join one clan and fail miserably, which you are most likely to do because your a good for nothing newbie that doesn't even know the difference between a fu*king PeeWee and an AK...

"Stop it Fox! You're making me cry!"

Haha! No I'm not little Bobby-Joe! I'm just pointing out how bad you suck and how un-1337 you are! Anyway, my point is, since you are such a miserable human being due to your lack of TA skills, you must make up for it by faking 1337ness!

"How do I do that Fox?"

Part 3 - Your Name

First, pick a name that has no comprehensible meaning what-so-ever, or at least sounds evil or something weird. Let's take the names DarkYouth and ewok for example, two names I just made up out of thin air. First, convert any letters that resemble numbers in your name.

DarkYouth turns into DarkY0u7h

ewok turns into 3w0k

Notice how much cooler they look?! Now, convert as many letters as you can into symbols!

DarkY0u7h turns into D@rk•0u7h

3w0k stays the same

Now, combine multiple symbols to replace the other letters!

D@rkY0u7h turns into |)@1-|<•0|_|7|-|

3w0k turns into 3//0|<

Now add spaces between EACH letter so your name takes up maximum space!

|)@1-|<•0|_|7|-| turns into |) @ 1- |< • 0 |_| 7 |-|

3//0|< turns into 3 // 0 |<

There! Now its time to work on your etiquette!

I've tested it out and it's done wonders for my l337/\//\/355




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