A little multiplayer online session

Author: Stonewalker
Date: 11/7/99 8:39:16 AM

My ex-girlfriend and I decided to have a little multiplayer online session last night, since we had a lot of fun with it during the time we were still together.

She had brought all the neccessary equipment to my appartment and we had a lot of times on our hands, so we thought what the heck.

First we started up our computers, which took quite some time, but finally all of the major and a few subsystems were running.

I had a little problem finding her TCP/IP port at first, but when I did, the data started to flow and our connection finally stood. It was pretty easy, since we knew our way around each others soft- and hardware in our sleep. (Plus we're pretty good in this game, and even thought about founding a clan once.)

We decided we'd rather play co-op than deathmatch, which was fine with me, since deathmatch is too hectical and less fun, in my experience.

I started the game and made all the neccessary adjustments,and we could finally frag away.

A few seconds into the game I found that I couldn't move, and my system crashed. I told her it wasn't her fault, and she said it was ok, and after she manually reinstalled my joystick, the match could continue.

We were quite evenly matched, and as usual played very well together, so nobody even died once. I had to tell her to turn down her speaker once or twice, though, before the neighbours thought I was killing someone in my apartment.

After a few hours of fun and laughter and the occasionally yelled command, we reached the end of the last level together, and were very pleased. Maybe we'll do it again sometimes.

It was a lot of fun, although the movement was a little choppy at times.

The match made me realize how boring single play is in comparison.




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