Peewee and AK Poems -- by Pyro Zlug

Peewee Poem:
You can look at a Peewee and sort of tell
That bitís of him donít fit too well,
Heís oddly shaped and my surmise is
He got mixed up with his sizes.
It seems to me heís gone and put
A size ten gun on a size one foot,
And so the problem . . . Do you call
His gun too big or his feet too small?
But odder than his gun or leg size,
Is the Peeweeís exceptional eyesight,
When you see it, It is less than clear
Why you can make 10 million a year?

Too many Warlords, he has sunk
His gun long ago should have been shrunk,
What other unit is there that grows
Eyesight further than past his nose?
So after careful scrutiny we
Say that all the stupid bits of Peewee,
Whether they be gun or limb
Are perfect fits - but not on him.
Before you go, letís look at you
From the average Peeweeís point of view -
What useless guns! Your speeds no fling,
You are the most worthless TA thing!

A.K Poem:
Although in general I do accuse
All TA units of having low IQs,
One units IQ just fails to rise
Over the height at which he fails to fly,
And yes, alas, I do dare say
Itís the dullwitted, stupid old A.K.
The smallest problem will today
Tax the intellect of any A.K,
Their heads so small that I suspect
Itís just another peice of neck,
Itís not a place where brains can grow,
Just a nice place for a target to go.
And just in case you havnít seen it
The A.K is a useless unit,
And for the sake of poor A.K
I hope he leaves the game TA,
For those who leap from cliffs and things
Soon fly with A.K angelís wings.




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