Da Peewee Rap

"Yo Peewee! Pyro's been talkin SMACK about you again!"
What up wit dat?
I'll teach you betta dan to mess wit da PEEWEE!
*calling back*
Yo Pump up da volume marky!
*rap music booms from marky's antennae*
*taking da mike*
Don't you mess wit me
'cause I'm da Peewee
I cap an AK or three
wit my E.M.G.
yeah I'm a smooth mutha ------
got grace got charm
got a big ------ gun da size a my arm!
I gotta face like a box
an a body like a ox
i knock those fool AKs
right out o their sox
cause I'm hot to trot - yeah I'm a mean K-bot,
so don't tick me off or I show you what I got
get down!
in the infra-red
I got big ---- sensor instead of a head
yeah I'm a bad mutha ------ I win every time
you bets I got balls the size of core prime!
yo break it down homee g Fido!
*disk jocky in background*
Arf arf a-arf arf a arfa arfa arf
arfa arf arf arf arfa arfa arfa arf!
yeah pyro zlug and his flamable crew
they ain't as good for a war as for a barbeque
you can build yourself a weasle
you can build yourself a flash
but remember this before you start talkin trash:
all the other units
wanna be like me
but I'm the one
I'm the only
I am the PEEWEE!




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