Zone Philosophy

Nuclear_Reign> if u go north
Nuclear_Reign> far enough
Nuclear_Reign> um
Nuclear_Reign> anartica
Nuclear_Reign> antartica
BTU_BlackFlag> antartica is south retard
Nuclear_Reign> no
Nuclear_Reign> the world is round
Nuclear_Reign> go north for long enough
BTU_BlackFlag> yea whats your point?
Nuclear_Reign> ull hit antartica
BTU_BlackFlag> ummm
Nuclear_Reign> if u point ur composs
Nuclear_Reign> north
Nuclear_Reign> and go that way
BTU_BlackFlag> umm excuse me retard boy.. people dont point compasses.. the magenetic
pull of the earth's poles does that.. god what grade are you in?
BTU_BlackFlag> the earth is on an axis
Nuclear_Reign> for long enough
Nuclear_Reign> ull hit antartica
Nuclear_Reign> doesnt amtter
Nuclear_Reign> the acix gos thru antartica
Zer0_SoLaCe> no cos u start going south :P
Nuclear_Reign> axis
Rage_Bullie> take another bong hit reign
_0ctober> antartica is south
xRiFTx> antartica is south no matter where in the world you are
Nuclear_Reign> no
BTU_BlackFlag> god you are the stupidest person i have ever met!
BTU_BlackFlag> omg
Nuclear_Reign> go north
_0ctober> u will NEVER hit antartica with yer c mpass always pointed north
Nuclear_Reign> far enough
Nuclear_Reign> and u hit antartica
BTU_BlackFlag> what a fucking uneducated dope
Zer0_SoLaCe> except if yer at teh south pole rift :P
Nuclear_Reign> the WORLD ISNT FLAT
BTU_BlackFlag> LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats the earth being flat have to do with this? umm i like carrots in my soup so the moon is green.
pigfeetsoup> if your in a square shed,with a window in each wall. and as you look out each wall, you face south. what color is the bear outside??
Nuclear_Reign> BF
Nuclear_Reign> they said the same
ArgentWolf> white
Nuclear_Reign> aboout columbus
ArgentWolf> thats the oldest riddle in the world
BTU_BlackFlag> huh?
Nuclear_Reign> hahah if u go west ull never get to the philipeens
xRiFTx> once you get to north pole you will be going south if you keep walking straight
Nuclear_Reign> ull fall off the edge!
Nuclear_Reign> the phillipeens are to the EAST
_0ctober> if u keep yer compass north u'll hit the artic
Rage_Bullie> reign...columbus wasnt retarded like urself
_0ctober> not antartica
Nuclear_Reign> no
Nuclear_Reign> Listen
BTU_BlackFlag> the earth has North and south poles
Nuclear_Reign> if u go north
BTU_BlackFlag> you retarded idiot
Nuclear_Reign> for long enough
BTU_BlackFlag> no you listen
Nuclear_Reign> LISTEN
BTU_BlackFlag> there is no west pole
Nuclear_Reign> OK
BTU_BlackFlag> there is no east pole
Nuclear_Reign> ur In JAPAN
Un_Known_Abyss> west pole lmao
Nuclear_Reign> with the Chinks
Nuclear_Reign> i point ur compass north
Un_Known_Abyss> east pole lol
Nuclear_Reign> throw ur compass away
BTU_BlackFlag> but the earth has north and south poles retard boy
pigfeetsoup> no no no. the earth was flat til about the 13th century. then something made it round , maybe earthquakes.
Nuclear_Reign> and walk
Zer0_SoLaCe> if u go north for long enuff u get to the north pole - everything from there is south o_0
Nuclear_Reign> in that direction
Nuclear_Reign> U WILL
Nuclear_Reign> WILL
Nuclear_Reign> Hit the antartic
Nuclear_Reign> contenent
BTU_BlackFlag> once you hit the north or south pole
_0ctober> nono nuclear
BTU_BlackFlag> you start going the opposite direction
Nuclear_Reign> Yes u will
BTU_BlackFlag> retard
_0ctober> u SAID if u keep yer compass NORTH u will hit antartica
Nuclear_Reign> U thru away ur compass
BTU_BlackFlag> i hate retarded people
Zer0_SoLaCe> did someone turn yer globe upside down ?
Nuclear_Reign> in japan
Nuclear_Reign> when u found north
Nuclear_Reign> and u go that way
Nuclear_Reign> u circle the whole globe
Nuclear_Reign> and hit antartica
BTU_BlackFlag> dude dont try and tell me antarctica is north
Nuclear_Reign> Its not
Zer0_Nitrous> oh god lol
Nuclear_Reign> but if u go north
Nuclear_Reign> far enough
Nuclear_Reign> 1 direction
Nuclear_Reign> without turning around
Nuclear_Reign> ull hit antartica
BTU_BlackFlag> clean the fucking potatoes out of your ears
Nuclear_Reign> If
BTU_BlackFlag> and stop typing
BTU_BlackFlag> and listen
Nuclear_Reign> go
BTU_BlackFlag> is there is east pole?
Nuclear_Reign> the direction of north
Nuclear_Reign> and NOT
BTU_BlackFlag> is there a west pole?
Nuclear_Reign> turn arround
BTU_BlackFlag> no
Nuclear_Reign> well
Nuclear_Reign> there was
BTU_BlackFlag> the earth is on a North-south axis
Nuclear_Reign> when the poles shifted
BTU_BlackFlag> magnets have North-south poles
Nuclear_Reign> but thats besides that point
BTU_BlackFlag> duh?
Nuclear_Reign> but
BTU_BlackFlag> yea duh
BTU_BlackFlag> yea duh
Nuclear_Reign> if you throw ur compass away
Nuclear_Reign> in japan
Nuclear_Reign> and u walk
BTU_BlackFlag> there are not east-west poles
Nuclear_Reign> in a strait line
Nuclear_Reign> NORTH
Nuclear_Reign> ULL walk
Nuclear_Reign> all the way
Nuclear_Reign> around the earth
BTU_BlackFlag> once you hit the north pole
Nuclear_Reign> and stupid dick
BTU_BlackFlag> you start going south ya retard
Nuclear_Reign> the earth ahsnt always been
Nuclear_Reign> n s poles
BTU_BlackFlag> wtf?!
Nuclear_Reign> the poles have revirsed ebfore
Nuclear_Reign> hence not instantly
BTU_BlackFlag> man
BTU_BlackFlag> you are a retard
Nuclear_Reign> and half way
Nuclear_Reign> beetween the shift
Nuclear_Reign> it had to be
Nuclear_Reign> in the west and east
Nuclear_Reign> And BTW
Nuclear_Reign> if the Universe has no size
Nuclear_Reign> who is to say whats north
Nuclear_Reign> and whats west
Nuclear_Reign> huh?
Zer0_SoLaCe> a fucken map?
BTU_BlackFlag> ok retard boy
Nuclear_Reign> Solace
BTU_BlackFlag> have fun at summer camp
Nuclear_Reign> dumb ass
Nuclear_Reign> there is not map
Nuclear_Reign> of the universe
Zer0_SoLaCe> there doesn't have to be
BTU_BlackFlag> huh?
Nuclear_Reign> then universe isnt flat
BTU_BlackFlag> what are you talking about?
Nuclear_Reign> u stupid ass
BTU_BlackFlag> then universe?
Nuclear_Reign> its infinite in size
UBER_DenimDemon> lol
Nuclear_Reign> in all dimensions
Zer0_SoLaCe> when did the universe come into it?
Nuclear_Reign> U cannot say
Nuclear_Reign> and what is south
Nuclear_Reign> Ur are so narrow minded
Nuclear_Reign> bf
Nuclear_Reign> its not even funny
BTU_BlackFlag> whats the north-south poles of the earth have to do with the universe
_0ctober> no nuclear
_0ctober> u are just fucking dumb
BTU_BlackFlag> i would seriously slap you for being this fucking stupid
Nuclear_Reign> Heh
Nuclear_Reign> there is no north and south pulls
Nuclear_Reign> North and south dont exist!
Nuclear_Reign> in the big picture
Zer0_SoLaCe> so where the fuck does my compass point?
BTU_BlackFlag> stop playing with yourself
BTU_BlackFlag> and pay attention in school
UBER_DenimDemon> so as long as we operate by that, there IS a north pole
Un_Known_Abyss> yea I learned that long time ago in science
Nuclear_Reign> north and south has nothing to do
Un_Known_Abyss> but thats crap
UBER_DenimDemon> and a south pole
BTU_BlackFlag> there is alot to be learnt in the 4th grade
Nuclear_Reign> with red shift
Nuclear_Reign> and blue shift
BTU_BlackFlag> huh?
Un_Known_Abyss> I wish I was in 4th grade =(
BTU_BlackFlag> what are you talking about?
Nuclear_Reign> Im talking to bullie
UBER_DenimDemon> lol, what a strange argument to make
BTU_BlackFlag> this dude is telling me that
pigfeetsoup> the earth does rotate keeping the north pole the same as the sun and all the planets......
BTU_BlackFlag> if you walk north
Nuclear_Reign> BF..
Nuclear_Reign> there is no north
Nuclear_Reign> there is no south
Rage_Bullie> dont talk to me ...reign..u tard
BTU_BlackFlag> you will be in antarctica
Nuclear_Reign> in the HUGE picture
Nuclear_Reign> Look at the universe
UBER_DenimDemon> um
UBER_DenimDemon> no
Nuclear_Reign> ur sitting in it
pigfeetsoup> the earth does rotate keeping the north pole the same as the sun and all the planets.
Nuclear_Reign> and the is no edges
Nuclear_Reign> how can u say
BTU_BlackFlag> what are yoiu bringing up "the huge picture"?
Nuclear_Reign> there is a north
Nuclear_Reign> and there is a south
Nuclear_Reign> The huge picture is the Universe
UBER_DenimDemon> you have to be walking south to hit antartica from anywhere outside of antarctica
BTU_BlackFlag> i am talking about you saying you can walk to antactica
Nuclear_Reign> u dumb fuck
BTU_BlackFlag> if you hold a fucking compass
Un_Known_Abyss> it's funny if you ignore Reign it looks like BF is talking to himself :P
BTU_BlackFlag> and you are at the north pole
Nuclear_Reign> So.. "North" can be Sout"
Nuclear_Reign> size
BTU_BlackFlag> it will flip over
Nuclear_Reign> North and south dont exist
BTU_BlackFlag> because of the fucking magnetic fields
BTU_BlackFlag> retard boy
Nuclear_Reign> BF
UBER_DenimDemon> yeah they do reign
Nuclear_Reign> tell me
Rage_Bullie> on this planet they do reign
Nuclear_Reign> what are the dimensions
UBER_DenimDemon> they are symbols for directions
BTU_BlackFlag> get your finger out of your anus and open a book
Nuclear_Reign> of hte universe
BTU_BlackFlag> and learn something
pigfeetsoup> and the solar system rotates with its common north pole aligned the the milky way. so yes there is a definate north in the universe : P
Zer0_Nitrous> bf's right you do suck donkey balls reign
Nuclear_Reign> Books get outdated
BTU_BlackFlag> ohh ya retard boy.. we have to keep coming out with updated book on the status of where the north and south poles are... what a fucking idiot i hate space cadet boys that invent the world and how it works inside thier small brain
Un_Known_Abyss> speaking of donkey balls how are you reign?
Nuclear_Reign> Now ur not listening to me
BTU_BlackFlag> please pull your finger(s) out of the inside rim of your asshole
Nuclear_Reign> What are the dimmensions of the universe
Nuclear_Reign> TELL me
BTU_BlackFlag> and open a book
Nuclear_Reign> WHAT ARE THEY
Nuclear_Reign> U CANT
Nuclear_Reign> THERE IS NO EDGES
Zer0_SoLaCe> so?
Zer0_Nitrous> wtf is he talking about
Zer0_Nitrous> o_O
BTU_BlackFlag> the dimensions??????
Nuclear_Reign> IF THERE IS NO EDGE
Nuclear_Reign> YES THE SIZE!
Zer0_Nitrous> omg....
Nuclear_Reign> THERE IS NONE!
_0ctober> ahh hes muted
Zer0_SoLaCe> what a dribbler
BTU_BlackFlag> stop trying to sound smart
Nuclear_Reign> lol
Nuclear_Reign> ur a moron
Nuclear_Reign> ur being ignorant
BTU_BlackFlag> you have no fucking idea what you are taLKING ABOUT
Nuclear_Reign> lol
Zer0_Nitrous> you can tell north and south because a compass always points north...
Nuclear_Reign> bf
Nuclear_Reign> time doesnt exist either
Rage_Bullie> reign..on this planet..we have N & S....
BTU_BlackFlag> i am talking about the magnetic fields of the fucking EARTH
Nuclear_Reign> time is something that ONLY
Nuclear_Reign> EXISTS
Nuclear_Reign> on Eart
Zer0_SoLaCe> lol
Nuclear_Reign> thats like saying 1 Crumb is more important then the univese
Zer0_SoLaCe> last i heard earth was a planet acctaully
_0ctober> dude this guy is worse than me... shit
Nuclear_Reign> u fucking moron
Nuclear_Reign> BF
Nuclear_Reign> UR too narrow minded
BTU_BlackFlag> what the fuck are you talking about?? narrow minded?? it isn't like there can be different points of view here idiot. its science. 1 person is right and the other person gets to sit in the cornor and sip hot cocoa and read whinnie the pooh and play the role of retard.. that would be you
BTU_BlackFlag> crumb?
Nuclear_Reign> ur iq is average
BTU_BlackFlag> i am not fucking talking about crumbs corky!
Nuclear_Reign> SHIT HEAD
Nuclear_Reign> its a COMPARRISON v BTU_BlackFlag> i am talking about it being impossible to walk to anatarica headed south
BTU_BlackFlag> err headed north
Nuclear_Reign> North
Nuclear_Reign> and south dont exist
BTU_BlackFlag> the second you hit fucking north pole every direction from there is south. thats how it works... even in your fantasty world
Nuclear_Reign> u ignoring the fact that they DONT
BTU_BlackFlag> omg
Nuclear_Reign> EXIST
BTU_BlackFlag> listen to this
Nuclear_Reign> U MADE THEM UP_
BTU_BlackFlag> north and south dont exist he says
_DoorKnocker_> They DO exist!!!!!!!!!!
Nuclear_Reign> THey Dont v Nuclear_Reign> Listen
BTU_BlackFlag> what a retard fucking space cadet
Nuclear_Reign> to me
Nuclear_Reign> shut up
Nuclear_Reign> and listen
BTU_BlackFlag> what do you mean exist TO YOU? this isn't a matter of personal opinion and point of view. its science you IDIOT
Zer0_SoLaCe> that's it i'm ripping up the atlas
BTU_BlackFlag> ya space boy
Nuclear_Reign> ok
BTU_BlackFlag> i am not talking about space
_DoorKnocker_> THEY FUCKING DO EXIST (Sorry got caught up)
Nuclear_Reign> when there is an unlimmited amount of space
Nuclear_Reign> the universe
Nuclear_Reign> Earth is part of Space
BTU_BlackFlag> the earth has strong magnetic fields
Nuclear_Reign> u cannot set north and sound
Zer0_SoLaCe> north and south are relatice to the earth not the whole universe
Zer0_Nitrous> omg...
Nuclear_Reign> when u turn
BTU_BlackFlag> at the north and south poles
Nuclear_Reign> in any direction
BTU_BlackFlag> you can go infinitely east
BTU_BlackFlag> or west
Nuclear_Reign> u cant tell if u turned
BTU_BlackFlag> there is no west or east pole
Nuclear_Reign> tehres NO marker
Nuclear_Reign> NONE
BTU_BlackFlag> the earth is on an axid of 23.6 degrees
Nuclear_Reign> tell someone to go north in space
Zer0_Nitrous> i bet u think that the whole universe has the same gravity too
BTU_BlackFlag> and it has been since the beginning of recorded time
Nuclear_Reign> FUCK FACE
Nuclear_Reign> tell someone
Nuclear_Reign> to go NORTH
BTU_BlackFlag> i am not talking about space
Nuclear_Reign> in space
_DoorKnocker_> Were not talking space!!!!!!!!! du'h
Nuclear_Reign> IT DOESNT WORK
BTU_BlackFlag> there are no magnetic poles in space
BTU_BlackFlag> ya retard
BTU_BlackFlag> i never brought up space
_DoorKnocker_> lol
Zer0_SoLaCe> so?
Arglist> Theres a marker for south. Some people planted a bunch of flags in the ground once to mark south.
BTU_BlackFlag> you did in your fantasy space boy world
Nuclear_Reign> YOU STUPID FUCK
BTU_BlackFlag> stop talking about space.. mr. space cadet
Nuclear_Reign> Exactly arglist
_DoorKnocker_> Reign u dont know what ur talking about !!!!!!!
Nuclear_Reign> Someone MADE
Nuclear_Reign> IT UP
Zer0_SoLaCe> space ownz v BTU_BlackFlag> i am talking about it being impossible to go to antartica when you are headed south..
Nuclear_Reign> what is straight up in space buddy?
BTU_BlackFlag> when headed north
Nuclear_Reign> there is no up
Nuclear_Reign> down
Nuclear_Reign> left
Nuclear_Reign> right
Rage_Bullie> up
BTU_BlackFlag> antarctica is south
Nuclear_Reign> its called a 3d grid
pigfeetsoup> how many Nuclear_Reign's does it take to change a lightbulb. ONE!!!! HE HOLDS IT UP AND THE UNIVERSE REVOLVES AROUND HIM !!!!!!! hehehehehehe
BTU_BlackFlag> i have known that since i was 7
Nuclear_Reign> ok
BTU_BlackFlag> you are the stupidest person i have ever spoken to
Nuclear_Reign> go up in a 3d grid
Nuclear_Reign> go up
BTU_BlackFlag> stop invented facts inside your 3rd grade mind
Nuclear_Reign> the world isnt 2d bf
Nuclear_Reign> u gotta get over that
BTU_BlackFlag> umm
Nuclear_Reign> bam over
Nuclear_Reign> its 3d
pigfeetsoup> you mean the universe isnt 3d?
BTU_BlackFlag> the earth has poles
BTU_BlackFlag> North pole
BTU_BlackFlag> south pole
Arglist> I gotta agree with bf on this one. Can't get to antarctica by walking north.
Nuclear_Reign> The universe is NO D
Nuclear_Reign> its INfinite D
_DoorKnocker_> sigh
BTU_BlackFlag> once you hit the north pole
Nuclear_Reign> U can never
BTU_BlackFlag> you are headed south
Nuclear_Reign> ever
Nuclear_Reign> ever
Nuclear_Reign> ever
BTU_BlackFlag> its a fucking pole
Nuclear_Reign> evrer
BTU_BlackFlag> get it through your skull
Nuclear_Reign> go
Zer0_SoLaCe> directions are relative to the observer not the environment
Nuclear_Reign> so far
Nuclear_Reign> in 1 direction
BTU_BlackFlag> once you hit the north pole
Nuclear_Reign> In the universe
Nuclear_Reign> tell me
Nuclear_Reign> if u can
Nuclear_Reign> go in 1 direction
Nuclear_Reign> forever
Nuclear_Reign> and hit an aedge
Nuclear_Reign> in space
BTU_BlackFlag> reign do you know how a fucking compass works?
_0ctober> where can i find a picture of a maveric
BTU_BlackFlag> how does a compass work?
Nuclear_Reign> u supporting the boat will fall off the edge theory
_DoorKnocker_> Were not talking about Universe, were talking N and S pols on Earth
Zer0_Nitrous> reign omg
Nuclear_Reign> the earth
Nuclear_Reign> is
Nuclear_Reign> part
Nuclear_Reign> of
Nuclear_Reign> the
Nuclear_Reign> universe
Nuclear_Reign> get it
BTU_BlackFlag> reign do you know how a fucking compass works? explain how a compass works
Nuclear_Reign> thr
Nuclear_Reign> ur
Nuclear_Reign> thick
Nuclear_Reign> skull!
Arglist> Actually, once you hit north pole, doesn't compas point into ground?
BTU_BlackFlag> reign do you know how a fucking compass works? explain how a compass works
BTU_BlackFlag> reign do you know how a fucking compass works? explain how a compass works
Nuclear_Reign> the COMPASs
Zer0_Nitrous> reign earth has its own magnetic fields......
Nuclear_Reign> will SPIN!!!
(Enter)> CrashAlbatross
BTU_BlackFlag> answer me retard
Nuclear_Reign> SPIN!!!
BTU_BlackFlag> how does a compass work
_DoorKnocker_> well were talking about the part Earth thats in Universe, anything else is irelevant
Arglist> So if you keep walking in direction of your compas, you tunnel through ground and hit south pole!
Nuclear_Reign> the Compass will SPin
Nuclear_Reign> twhen u hit
Nuclear_Reign> the north poll
BTU_BlackFlag> what makes the little cute arrow move around
Nuclear_Reign> !!!
Zer0_SoLaCe> no it wont cos geographical north isn't magnetic north :P
Nuclear_Reign> go over
BTU_BlackFlag> right solace
Nuclear_Reign> directly over
Rage_BlueWolf> Reign---once u hit the north pole--your next forward step is south
Nuclear_Reign> the magnetic poll
Jasberg> reign you are like the annoying dog in the neighbors yard
Nuclear_Reign> the compass will spin
Jasberg> you want to kill it...but you can't since it's the neighbors.
Zer0_Nitrous> no it will POINT AT THE POLE
Nuclear_Reign> Ur so narrow minded
Nuclear_Reign> No
Nuclear_Reign> Nitrous
Zer0_Nitrous> o_O
BTU_BlackFlag> jasberg reigh thinks antarctica is north
Nuclear_Reign> then u can go farther North
Nuclear_Reign> !!!
Nuclear_Reign> There is no north
Nuclear_Reign> there is no south
Arglist> I don't know about that Reign. Think of your magnetic lines of force.
Nuclear_Reign> is what im saying
Zer0_Nitrous> omg...
Nuclear_Reign> Nore eith or West
Jasberg> there is no spoon, is that next?
Zer0_Nitrous> south is just opposite of north !
Zer0_Nitrous> thats all!
Nuclear_Reign> And
Nuclear_Reign> ANother
Zer0_Nitrous> stop
Zer0_Nitrous> talking
Nuclear_Reign> what holds ur desk together
Zer0_Nitrous> like
Zer0_Nitrous> this
Nuclear_Reign> hah!
Zer0_Nitrous> dumbass
Nuclear_Reign> u dont know!
BTU_BlackFlag> hes like "ya there are carrots in my soup and fed a dolphin a shrimp so the universe is upside down and that means antarctica is north"
Zer0_Nitrous> fucking glue?
Nuclear_Reign> what makes the atoms come togeter?
Nuclear_Reign> in Physics
Nuclear_Reign> u can pass ur hand thru a desk
Jasberg> sexual attraction
Zer0_Nitrous> o_O i bet u dont know shit if i dont
Nuclear_Reign> with no effort
BTU_BlackFlag> atoms come together?
Rage_Bullie> atoms are held together at the molecular level
Nuclear_Reign> what causes that?
Nuclear_Reign> bullie
Jasberg> mmm baby...look at those protons
_DoorKnocker_> He lost, thats why he changed subject
Rage_Bullie> like puzzles
Nuclear_Reign> 1 drop of water in the ocean is to the knowledge
Nuclear_Reign> we know
Nuclear_Reign> So
Nuclear_Reign> dont assume u know everything u jackass
Nuclear_Reign> Cuz U DONT
BTU_BlackFlag> reign do you know how a fucking compass works? explain how a compass works
pigfeetsoup> 2 kinds of bonds. ionic and covalent...
Zer0_Nitrous> more babbling....
BTU_BlackFlag> reign do you know how a fucking compass works? explain how a compass works
Nuclear_Reign> BF
Nuclear_Reign> u tell me
BTU_BlackFlag> hes like "ya there are carrots in my soup and fed a dolphin a shrimp so the universe is upside down and that means antarctica is north"
Nuclear_Reign> how a compass works
Jasberg> so reign you are saying you don't even contain a fraction of the droplet
Zer0_Nitrous> reign i never said i knew all
BTU_BlackFlag> you are a retard
Zer0_Nitrous> i said u dont know shit
BTU_BlackFlag> you have no idea what you are talking about
UBER_DenimDemon> magnet points north
Nuclear_Reign> BF
BTU_BlackFlag> and you know it
Nuclear_Reign> U cant comprehend
BTU_BlackFlag> stop trying to sound smart
Nuclear_Reign> wht im saying!
UBER_DenimDemon> cause of natural polar relation
BTU_BlackFlag> yes i know what makes a compass work
BTU_BlackFlag> you dont
Nuclear_Reign> Yes
Nuclear_Reign> i do
BTU_BlackFlag> thats why i know what i am talking abouty
BTU_BlackFlag> then tell me
Nuclear_Reign> u know how they made a compass?
Nuclear_Reign> BF
BTU_BlackFlag> you haven't told me
Nuclear_Reign> do u know
BTU_BlackFlag> is it a government secret?
Nuclear_Reign> how the first compass was made
BTU_BlackFlag> why wont you tell me
Nuclear_Reign> I polol of water
Nuclear_Reign> with any metalic iten
BTU_BlackFlag> what makes the needle of a compass move
Nuclear_Reign> item
Zer0_Nitrous> wtf is polol
Nuclear_Reign> pool
BTU_BlackFlag> you do not know the fucking answer
Nuclear_Reign> Listen bf
Nuclear_Reign> im not done
Nuclear_Reign> ill type it in one sentance
Rage_BlueWolf> oh yes you are
Rage_BlueWolf> hehe
Rage_BlueWolf> j/k
Jasberg> he was actually there, during the creation of the first compass
Jasberg> he KNOWS!
Zer0_SoLaCe> my dog knows more than this guy
Nuclear_Reign> a pool of water, with a leaf in the center, and a metallic item on that leafe
Rage_BlueWolf> lol again jas
Rage_Bullie> blue...500$ fine..for bashing reign
Zer0_SoLaCe> he faces north to shit
Nuclear_Reign> one point of the rock
Nuclear_Reign> will face in 1 direction
BTU_BlackFlag> you dont need a metalic item
Nuclear_Reign> ALL of the time
Nuclear_Reign> know matter what u do
Nuclear_Reign> tru bf
Zer0_Nitrous> bow down before the one u serve, ur going to get what u deserve
Zer0_Nitrous> head like a hole
Zer0_Nitrous> black as ur soul
BTU_BlackFlag> what pulls the needle in any given direction
Zer0_Nitrous> id rather die
BTU_BlackFlag> its a 1 word answer
Zer0_Nitrous> than to give u control
BTU_BlackFlag> that you do not know
Nuclear_Reign> Magnetic Polls
Nuclear_Reign> But
Nuclear_Reign> Ur assuming
_DoorKnocker_> "but"
BTU_BlackFlag> when you pass the north pole
Nuclear_Reign> those polls
BTU_BlackFlag> headed north
Nuclear_Reign> are constantly
Jasberg> I always thought it was the power of steam
Nuclear_Reign> In that direction
BTU_BlackFlag> you are now headed south
Nuclear_Reign> and THAT
matttpguser> didnt any of wot i said get thruogh
Nuclear_Reign> is not true
Zer0_Nitrous> ur in a spot again, start spamming the earth is part of the universe, quick !
_0ctober> F yer in a battle of wits with an unarmed person
Nuclear_Reign> Earth is NOT the center of the Universe
_0ctober> F
Zer0_SoLaCe> lol nit
_0ctober> bf
Nuclear_Reign> If the polls were that of Uranus
Nuclear_Reign> Today
Nuclear_Reign> north south
Nuclear_Reign> east and west
Nuclear_Reign> Would be different
BTU_BlackFlag> every planet has N-s poles
Nuclear_Reign> There for
BTU_BlackFlag> everyyyyyyyyyyy planey
BTU_BlackFlag> planet
Jasberg> ooh uranus, the best choice
Nuclear_Reign> Yes BF
_DoorKnocker_> MY HOUSE IS A PART OF UNIVERSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nuclear_Reign> but
Nuclear_Reign> To u
Zer0_Nitrous> lol menace look at this jackass
Nuclear_Reign> there east and west
Nuclear_Reign> piolls
BTU_BlackFlag> to me?????
Nuclear_Reign> on uranus
BTU_BlackFlag> wtf?
InitiatedWolf> mmm
Nuclear_Reign> cuz it sits on its "Side:
BTU_BlackFlag> the planet can look like its sideways
Jasberg> uranus is part of the universe...
BTU_BlackFlag> but whatever the pole is
Nuclear_Reign> which WOULD
BTU_BlackFlag> that is its N-S
Nuclear_Reign> be straight up
Nuclear_Reign> if we were on uranus
BTU_BlackFlag> like neptune appears sideways
Jasberg> kbot, put the ufo file in the totala dir
Rage_BlueWolf> Listen Reign----The reason Polaris is called the north star is NOT because it's north --Its because if u stood at the NORTH pole it would in a direction straight up from where you're standing
Nuclear_Reign> Yes blue wold
Nuclear_Reign> lets say
Jasberg> I just told you! =p
Nuclear_Reign> ur on Pluto
Nuclear_Reign> would Polaris
Nuclear_Reign> be what pollais
Nuclear_Reign> is today?
Nuclear_Reign> No
Nuclear_Reign> it wont be
Nuclear_Reign> North Sount East West are made up
Nuclear_Reign> by mand kind
Nuclear_Reign> Period
BTU_BlackFlag> east west?!?!
Nuclear_Reign> man kind
BTU_BlackFlag> there are no pole for east west
Nuclear_Reign> Yes BF
Nuclear_Reign> i know
BETA7_Menace> but
BTU_BlackFlag> all planets have N and S poles
Nuclear_Reign> Ur not listening to my point
MADt_J00_> tommorow my traning begins .
BTU_BlackFlag> there is no E pole on any planet
Jasberg> we're all ragging on nuclear's anus =p
Nuclear_Reign> NSEW
MADt_J00_> the most elite TA player
Nuclear_Reign> were made up
Nuclear_Reign> by humans
Zer0_SoLaCe> everything was made up by humans
Nuclear_Reign> EXACTLY
Zer0_SoLaCe> all terms words the whole lot
Nuclear_Reign> we MADE it UP
Nuclear_Reign> !
Zer0_SoLaCe> so?
Nuclear_Reign> so if i am the best at TA
Jasberg> the east pole is in asia you moron!
Nuclear_Reign> then hell
Nuclear_Reign> im the Best at TA
Nuclear_Reign> nomatter what u say
Nuclear_Reign> Im the best
Nuclear_Reign> thats what ur Doing
Nuclear_Reign> !
Zer0_Nitrous> omg...
Nuclear_Reign> ur being Closed minded
Nuclear_Reign> Nothing is written in stone
Zer0_Nitrous> reign you are sooo stupid
Nuclear_Reign> after all
Zer0_SoLaCe> the word cat is made up does that mean cats aren't real either?
Nuclear_Reign> the stone eventually Shatters!
Zer0_SoLaCe> if so what teh fuck have i been feeding?
BTU_BlackFlag> reign will seriously never understand
BTU_BlackFlag> i think hes a visual learner
Nuclear_Reign> NO BF
Nuclear_Reign> u cant Comprehend
Nuclear_Reign> what im saying
BTU_BlackFlag> i will need to hold up a globe
Nuclear_Reign> Sh!t
Butterboy9> game at 20
BTU_BlackFlag> and then turn it sideways
BTU_BlackFlag> and say look
Nuclear_Reign> You make it up
Zer0_Nitrous> bf damn man this guy needs a good southern beating shit
Jasberg> he's got some half baked philosophy 101 arguments
BTU_BlackFlag> even tho its sideways
Nuclear_Reign> everything u do
Nuclear_Reign> is made up
BTU_BlackFlag> this is still north
Nuclear_Reign> some asshole
BTU_BlackFlag> and this is still south
Nuclear_Reign> 300 years ago
Nuclear_Reign> said
Nuclear_Reign> hey
Nuclear_Reign> thats north
Nuclear_Reign> err
BTU_BlackFlag> even tho its all sideways
Nuclear_Reign> 3000
Arglist> There we go found one. Figure 2. Follow a magnetic field line in the north direction and you end up and north pole. Keep going and you're at south pole!
Nuclear_Reign> which is arguable
BTU_BlackFlag> this is still north
BTU_BlackFlag> not because north means up
Nuclear_Reign> BF
BTU_BlackFlag> which i'm sure it does in your retarded head
Nuclear_Reign> its IS made up
Jasberg> mm no way arglist! it's a russian plot
Nuclear_Reign> We dont know
BTU_BlackFlag> but because north points in the directions of a magenetic fields
Nuclear_Reign> BF
BTU_BlackFlag> field*
Nuclear_Reign> no explain this to me
Nuclear_Reign> How did we come to be
Nuclear_Reign> WE DONT KNOW
Nuclear_Reign> THere is SO MUCH
Nuclear_Reign> we DONT KNOW
BTU_BlackFlag> the earths axis is tilted at 23.6 degrees to what we have named the earths geographical north-south pole
Nuclear_Reign> bf if ur standing on uranus
Zer0_SoLaCe> i'd rather have the keys to my car
Nuclear_Reign> will the compass
BTU_BlackFlag> the real north pole is in a different location because the earths spinning on the axis is what creates the magnetic fields...
Nuclear_Reign> point in the same direction
Nuclear_Reign> as eart
Nuclear_Reign> BF
Nuclear_Reign> Read that
_DoorKnocker_> LOL
Jasberg> I brought you into being with the power of my mind, Reign. You are my illegal alien housemaid
Zer0_SoLaCe> lol nit
Zer0_SoLaCe> license bleh
BTU_BlackFlag> i just read this shit from a science book argue with that shit biyatch!!!!!!!!
Nuclear_Reign> if your standing on uranus will the compass point teh same direction as on earth
Nuclear_Reign> NO
Nuclear_Reign> Its NOt
Nuclear_Reign> theres for
Nuclear_Reign> NSEW
_DoorKnocker_> hge
Nuclear_Reign> isa VARIABLE
_DoorKnocker_> rh
Nuclear_Reign> it CHANGES
_DoorKnocker_> gfd
_DoorKnocker_> hgfd
Nuclear_Reign> U stupid Fuck
_DoorKnocker_> h
BTU_BlackFlag> you are a moron
Nuclear_Reign> jesus
_DoorKnocker_> man
BTU_BlackFlag> you dont point compasses
Jasberg> no just can't use your CC units vs them.
Nuclear_Reign> Open ur fuckin brain to other ideas
BTU_BlackFlag> they point themselves
Zer0_Nitrous> reign... i dont think you've studied enough on how a compass works
_DoorKnocker_> ........
BTU_BlackFlag> god you are a lost cause
Nuclear_Reign> NSEW
Nuclear_Reign> are Variables
Jasberg> SPACE PHYSICS A Beginner's Guide to the Earth's Magnetosphere
UBER_DenimDemon> lol BF
_DoorKnocker_> Hes a kid in denial
Jasberg> Reign, check that link
Nuclear_Reign> V-A-R-I-A-B-L-E-S
Jasberg> as you can see it says beginner
Nuclear_Reign> Thats what u all go by
Nuclear_Reign> u CONFORM
BTU_BlackFlag> reign thinks humans point compasses
Zer0_Nitrous> this has to be JR lol
Zer0_Nitrous> :P
Nuclear_Reign> CONFORM!!!!
Nuclear_Reign> Thats why it took us so fucking long
Nuclear_Reign> to say
Nuclear_Reign> Hey
Nuclear_Reign> the earth
Nuclear_Reign> isnt flat
BTU_BlackFlag> umm
Nuclear_Reign> UMM
Nuclear_Reign> yes
Nuclear_Reign> im right
Nuclear_Reign> fuck u
BTU_BlackFlag> the earth has magnetic poles
Nuclear_Reign> goodnight
Zer0_Nitrous> lol
(Exit)> Nuclear_Reign
BTU_BlackFlag> thats how we know whats north and south
matttpguser> k
_DoorKnocker_> hey Reign could u hold down ctrl+alt and click Delete button twice???????? just for me plz !!!!!!!!!!!!
Rage_BlueWolf> It's not obscure Mike--an open universe is one that where the galaxies continue to fly away from each other since the big bang and a Closed Universe is one where eventually they will collapse back together.
matttpguser> k
BTU_BlackFlag> he thinsk north and south are just directions we invented




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