Pimp, pimp!

A shame that using those third party units restricts you from playing the game with so many others...

Well it's a shame the 3rd party community can't make balanced units suitable to play with others :P.

Some love 'em, some hate 'em, but third-party units is a large part of what makes TA so cool and imagination-catching to play.
We are creatures of imagination.
It IS a shame that ppl don't play multi with 3p units more often... and that so many of them are unbalanced.
Of course if you want a bunch of balanced 3p units all in one pack.... click on my sig

Shameless advertising? :)

3rd party units?!?!
*ducks for cover before Gamefreak charges in, pimping the Raptor*

*charges in inside a raptor's cockpit*
I'm here!

Now where's that screamer quote..ah, "initiate brain before mouth"

Now, just to make KFC happy..

The Raptor ownz j00!




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