Oh No! More Quotes!

well thanks ... I take pride in not being a total arsehole

Ktulu> so you suck at English?
Reaver> yes. unfortuneatley.

Aslan> Morhpiuz is all woman, believe me, i know

HighLearn>Fruit cannot be rebuilt.

Chris_C> so how many hits have you got now?
riderz12> around 400 for today
TEMM> your reload button must be worn out
riderz12> heh, indeed it is TEMM

Five> now let us never speak of this again
Five> "The Zip Drive Incident"

Kezx>'Memory changed 16'

Tyranzzx> My penis rules over all things, in all times, in all places

TGoS> I have been universally acknowledged by anyone and everyone that matters as "the penis".

Tyranzzx> everything in the universe is a figment of my penis, therefore, I have juridiction over all.




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