Quotable Quotes

Kezx: What I do is put the speed on -9 speed when I watch good players recordings and then I get a pen and paper and write everything down

SirAC: School shooting incidents are related to bullying, and guess who the bulliers tend to be
SirAC: Popular jocks and cheerleaders
Kid Ka$h: And the occasional tree

@JJ: Ass is ok if used lightly

Darkyouth: Password box got "stolen", search is missing, registration.
Its like the population of Harlem came in and took all the shiny things :).

BTU_VeZoZ: It's from not listening to me from day 1
Saundie: Sorry, what was that VeZoZ?
BTU_VeZoZ: I told them there UBB was too old

Gamma Raze: Is there a mutator for UH that allows AA missiles to fire on ground units?
TA Girl_Keri: The mutator for UH that allows AA to fire on ground targets is called OTA.

I hated AOE. 50 unit limit was a joke. Even then, 30 of the 50 were running back and forth collecting apples.
If I wanted that sort of thing I'd have bought Interactive Orchard 2: Juice Wars.

Storm: Warning! Extreme IP match detected. Preparing to shut down selected units to presereve the main computer core. Antidote sequence launched and running. Primary defences online and targetting. Preparing to launch the reset missile.

DoomsDay: Man, this thread is WAY, WAY off topic. We really need to get back to flaming Firm.....

Maedhros: Ok, let me restate my question: how does the optical illusion work?
LordBeek: It illudes your opticals.

Gamefreak: SILENCE
*** Gamefreak sets mode: +m
Gamefreak: I ownz j00
*** Gamefreak sets mode: -m
Gamefreak: proceed

Took place @ ForumPlanet
Storm: So Hanni is an admin here too?
Drako: Hanni is an admin everywhere
Izzy: Correction, Hanni is an admin at all good forums.
Storm: Maybe, but only the best deserve Screamer.
Quitch: Those forums get what they deserve alright...

Haker: it were meh taht crahsed teh taunavorse sorvar. im sory abut ne unconveneces, i jest had tu shuw yu taht i truly ar teh must puwerfol haker evar.




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