Quotable Quotes

Pyro-John: The fact I don't understand anything doesn't say anythign at all about my intelligence.

TGos: ah hell...I got laid last night, everyone else can go to hell TGos: .....sorry...wrong chan....

Gnug215|Homework: Well, with all this water having run under the TA bridge, I'd say that it's now a question of psychology and attitude, more than game-technical question.
BLITZ_Molloy: The TA engine doesn't support bridges
BLITZ_Molloy: the mod makers have tried loads of times ;)
Gnug215|Homework: hehe *slap* That's for ruining my metaphor!

deth: The unit pack is constantly being tested, and all bugs are being squashed. However, as with all software, there are still plenty.

BLITZ_Molloy: deth actually does have his uses
SadisticSid: Biological warfare tester?

DarkYouth: deth couldn't review his way out of a paper bag :)

BLITZ_Molloy: You could hire deth :P
Locust99: LOL. I have already told dawn if he recruits deth, i quit TAnews and server, domain etc all go

renrutal: What would you do with a million dollars? Fix my grammar.
cavedogo: Sometimes my grammar is brilliant

RawDawgologist: did i ever tell you guys the story about when i won at a game of total annihilation (TA for short)
X_Mastah: no
X_Mastah: havnt heard that one...

Saundie: I spoke with Ewok on Thursday and he called me "uncultured and ignorant". So now I'm only one step above the Americans...




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