Storm's Psycology Notebook

Storm's Psycology Notebook
Or how board members work
22.6 No.8 Killfrenzy

This pervert little goat is only feared for its spamming abilities, but have the advantage of good humor when making others forget about how much it spam. When he's really angry, he uses a sledge hammer with "TA Conflict Crusher" inscripted on the side. The physical as well as the mental damage are counted as deadly and the survivors are just too dumb to realize that they are dead anyway. Nobody have this far survived this terrible weapon except bijankis evil twin that is short, green and looks more like George W. Bush than bijanki.

When scared, this creature flees into the CLAWS bunker (that he repaired while being tied to a chair and plays strip poker with a couple of mutant camels Storm (1 No.1) and bijanki (32.2 No.9). They often get mad at each other and blow the bunker up. Later Killfrenzy often repairs it.

(Everything is true, that's all I've got about ya KFC)

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