Cavedog's Tombstone

Brave Sir Robin:
Heh heh ... and you guys call yourselves TA players.
"Tombstone M:250"

BSR we should be able to reclaim at least 500 from a tombstone..
Here lies an Old_Friend M=500

ROFL LastOne - you may not know it, but you fit into the UH community really well...
Here's a little mini-parody.

BSR: Tombstone M:250
LastOne: Nah, it needs a tweak. I mean think about it. It's a TOUMBSTONE! Those things are MASSIVE! It's gotta have at LEAST 500 Metal in it.
BSR: I dunno. Let's see what the rest of the guys think. It seems right that you'd get more metal from it , but 500 may be a bit unbalancing.
NJ_Thug: Leave it be. It's fine as it is.
XENO: What if we made it flying and gave it a light laser? Then it would at least be able to PROTECT the grave like any good toumbstone would!
GRAY: SHUT UP XENO! It's a ROCK! Features can't have weapons, only units.
XENO: You NEVER like ANY of my ideas!
BSR: Calm down, gentlemen. I think that a good compromise is in order. I'm feeling some negativity on the flying aspect so that is out, and if you want a laser, just build an LLT right next to it. But how does 350-ish Metal sound?
Grey Lemming: It's already 375 in my LemmingHack... :P
Gray: When is that going to be released anyways?
LostOne: Well, 350 is ok I guess, but I think 500 would be better.
BSR: Ok, it'll be a tentative 350 in 1.2g, but if it needs to be fixed before the final, we'll be able to do that. If I don't hear any compelling reason after 1.2g to change it, it'll be that way in the final.

Sorry guys... I couldn't help myself. If this made no sense to you, then just ignore this post. It makes too much sense to SOME of us.




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