Uranium235 Maintaining His Monopoly

Now, I tend to be selective about who I sell Ubercrak to and how much I sell. But lately I have been seeing plenty of UberCrak induced behavior that could not have been caused by my sale of the stuff. So, apparently theres a rival UberCrak dealer.

Right about now, I am this close to putting out hit squads to take the rival dealer out. And they wont probably be right the first few times. So ask yourself: Is it worth potential fish-sleeping-with to buy UberCrak from someone other than your friend Uraniun235?

Hell, I'll even lower my prices and sell it more often! But please, when you buy from others, you not only hurt me, but endanger others, including yourself.

Also, if my rival is reading this, just stop and I will pretend this never happened. Else... you better like sleeping with fish. For the rest of your life. (which could be markedly shortened)

Thanks for your time.

This message paid for by the 'Family' of Uraniun235 and his UberCrak turf.

(btw, BSR, can I buy some more of that popcorn from you? It's just so damn addictive...)

"Let Hercules himself do what he may;
Cat will mew, and dog will have his day."
Hamlet, Act V, Scene I
Play UberHack. Then, buy some UberCrak from me.




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