Annihilarity 19: The Phantagram Menace

If there's one thing that scares the living shit out of me, it's TA 2. God knows what kind of foul, ungodly, twisted, sick, sprite based concoctions those crazy asians are building.

Annihilarity 18: Five long Years
Bert's having a mid-life crisis? You better believe it!

Annihilarity 17: Bang Per Buck
I proudly present the latest character addition to the Annihilarity franchise: Harold The Krogoth. He's not lovable and hugable like Fred the Krogoth but slightly more economically sound.

Annihilarity 16: War on Terror
As much as I try I simply cannot remember what the hell the joke was on this one. I probably made it in very bad taste, realised it and changed it. Not to worry, the comics are getting better again after this one i think.

Jim and Bert brave the horrors of weak plot, zero NPC interaction, dull hack n' slash, poor framerates and disorganised multiplayer to bring you Annihilarity: Under Siege!

Annihilarity 14: Flashback II
This star studded episode features, Jim The Arm Commander, The Caped Crusader and a special guest appearance from PeterC. I may be redesigning Jim and Bert and revamping the comic soon. Check back here and I'll keep you posted.

Board Wars
This VBB is sooo gay. Its just the gayest thing in sight. If it was any gayer it'd be coloured pink like the visuals page.

Gnug Planetary Entrance Angle Graph
If a Gnug doesn't have a strong grounding in interdimensional geometry it could come away with badly singed fur.

Final Annihilarity IIV
The planet is in turmoil, monsters roam the earth - only one Commander can save us now! But what sort of deep psychological scars does he carry with him tearing at his soul! I don't know, I guess you'll have to buy the retail version.

Final Annihilarity IIV (Super X3 Limited edition, or something...)
What are Phantagram doing? They don't have the budget for that much CGI.

For Great Justice!
Our TAUBB is on the way to destruction. Can Screamer save it in time!?!

Arm Can't Park
OK, back a bit, back a bit.. you've loads of room *SMASH!*. OK, thats far enough. Why's an Arm Commander parking a weasel? Don't ask me I just upload the pics.

But they sure can surf!
Note: you should only attempt this on a low gravity moon map or your commander will be scattered all over the battlefield in little pieces.

One bombing run per pass, right?
Respect to A_Novice_ToS! Thats quality bombing but using a line of sight hack just isn't fair play man. :)

Annihilarity 13: Flashback
Prepare to be amazed... or amused... or for lots of premature hype, a high profile DRUHgs scandal and project cancellation due to copyright infringement.

Finally a decent Arm counter to the Core Krogoth. Sports powerful light laser cannon and 100 times the armour of a normal flea. Be afraid, be very, very afraid.

BSR: Word
He will be sadly missed but it's true that the cloaking fetish on VBB is getting dangerous. This revolution must be crushed before things get out of hand. Thanks to Sewerat for taking the initiative.

I'm not sure about the colour scheme... maybe it'll be a grower :P.

Annihilarity 12: Galactic Bore
I came up with this idea while watching curling in the pub. please excuse any innacuracies because I honestly know nothing about the sport except that it bores the hell out of me :). Kamikaze says it was created by some Canadian janitors...

Annihilarity Shortz: Standard Issue
If your going to conquer the universe you'd best come prepared. The right tools for the job at hand are essentiel. How you like my GoW landscape? It took 4 hours to render in terragen :P.

Zone Rules
Variety is the spice of life don't you think? I'm going to start posting more of these - some of them are far too stupid to be ignored.

Annihilated Quality Graph
Hmmm.. nice work from VeZoZ. Perhaps a little subjective but am... hmm... Hey Screamer. I told you the UBB was too old, but did you listen? Nooooo!

Annihilarity 11: modifications are bad mmkay?
I think we can all conclude that TA is perfect the way it is and all modifications are the work of the devil designed to lead us astray and blur our judgement... yep! Thats sounds about right.

Annihilarity Shortz: Krogoth Strat
I've seen alot of newbies pimping their awsome skills on the Advanced Strategy board over the years. Newbies, this one's for you.

Annihilarity Shortz: Inforat
Things change, companies die but we stubborn webmasters just won't move on.

Annihilarity Shortz: Total Annihilation 2
I don't blame Berts skepticism at all - this games coming from the country that designs Hyundais. "Drive one and you'll understand" he he he.

Cavedog Desktop
I made this for my own amusement a month or two back. If you feel like adopting Cavedogs poor unloved mascot nows your chance.

Add the Peter Petition Button to your site!
Simply take the image, link it to and paste it into your site to help the cause! Several button styles have been designed to match your particular sites colour scheme. From left to right; Impressionist Peter, Anti-Peter, Peter 2k and Peter Gold.


Annihilarity Kingdoms: Attack Of The Clones
This episode has got 15 nominations in TAU's Annual Spammies including 'Best use of MS Paint', 'Best Screenplay' and 'Best Pattern/Clone in a Supporting Role of a Non-Animated Feature Film.' I'd like to thank my Mom, Planet Annihilation and my l337 h4xx0r m0u53 5k1llz.

Atreides Comics: AK Meat
More of ATRCaptainKirks silly TA parodies. This time an AK dies so if your a sensitive Core player turn away now.

Flea Races
Theres nothing like a nice day at the Flea races. I've got 50 quid riding on 'Itchy' - he's the 2nd from the top. Those damn Fark bookies aren't going to get my money this time. Annihilarity Shortz
My advertisements and spyware on this website just are'nt bringing in enough cash anymore. I'm afraid it simply has to go.

The Right(field) Way To Start Your Day!
Rightfields tasty breakfast cereals are available in two varities. Gnug Flakes and Fool Flakes have just the right balance of nutrients and multi-vitamins a TA player needs to play at his best!
Note: the Gnug Flakes are in a titanium bowl because 'There's no containin' the taste!'

"What The Hell Have You Guys Done?"
A parody of the current situation at Infogrames Boards. Pezman, IG's moderator, said he was going to crack down on spamming and then promply disapeared from the face of the earth :). Thanks to Rightfield for the pic.

Illegal Operation
An obvious rip off of Annihilarity from Rightfield :P. Ugh, It's even about third party!

Annihilarity Shortz
OK... I messed up by not posting this before Christmas and now the message is going to be too late to prevent the impulsive Peewee purchaces leading up to X-mas. Ah well... *shrug* Peewees are recyclable anyway.

TA:K Bugged
This is a cute little comic I found on the Gnug site. Make sure you have all the latest patches if you want TA:K to be even somewhat playable.

Annihilarity9: XTA Kills
Jim and Bert risk the potential minefield of 3rd party modifications. It's a strange and scary world out there where nothings how it seems. This is the first Annihilarity I've drawn by hand. I hope you like it.

Atreides Comics: Unfortunate Fark
ATRCaptainKirk was kind enough to let me use this. It's a cool comic using TA screenshots. Enjoy!

Annihilarity8: Christmas Spirit
Christmas is a very special time. It is a time for love, a time for friendship but most importantly it's an important time for product placement. Enjoy!

Annihilarity7: LEGO TA
Jim is'nt a wussie like ATRCaptainKirk. Oh no- he actually built a real flash tank instead of mocking a picture up using some program. Now thats dedication!

Peter may not be actually with us on TAUBB anymore but I like to think ridicule of his life will continue even if it just is'nt quite the same.

Annihilarity Shortz
Their explosive, their slow and they look very unpleasant.

2001 Molly Ethics Act
A cool pic tcbw did to parody my opinions on d-gunning commanders being unethical.

Annihilarity 6: Insert coin to continue.... 10, 9, 8
Biggest, goriest, most tasteless Annihilarity yet. Yay! (Now with music, hopefully)

What if...
Screamer messed up our beautiful UBB? Excellent work by Renrutal on this one.

More UBB redesigns
Thanks to SpellBinder for another UBB parody

Even Commanders need a vacation after a long stressful battle. Wish you were here.

True Happiness
Mmm.. beer and TA. *Molloy dribbles all over his keyboard*.

Annihilarity 5: Voices
Ahh yes, to die, to sleep. But in this sleep what dreams may come? When will Jim shuffle off his mortal coil and follow the true path to passion, to glory?

Annihilarity 4: Family Entertainment
Sex, drugs and violence! Gee, I wish I was a TA Commander

Il Duce
Is PeterC really a fachist? I certainly like to think so.

ChristyC This is the sort of thing that gives you nightmares where you wake up screaming... thanks to Sewerat for the pic.

Total Annihilarity: Kingdoms
Jim and Bert play TA:K, with hilarious consequences!

Annihilarity 2: Zone Fun
Looks like Jim and Bert have found zone players and their good clean fun. Noone will ban them there surely?....

Gotta' Kill Them All!
The pilot episode of Annihilarity. Jim the ARM Commander and Bert the CORE Commander play Total Annihilation, Pokémon style!




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