19/12/01 - It's Christmas Time!

I have a special Christmas edition of Annihilarity for you today that warmed my heart with goodwill and selfless charity. Thats right; Jim and Bert are flogging merchandise. Please buy something. This site does'nt pay for itself you know.

09/12/01 - It's been a while

Whats this? An update? Yes, thats right! I have'nt forgotten about my poor ubercrack addicts It's just that my hard drive died and I could'nt update the site from college. I'm getting rid of the Ask The Core Commander section because Annihilated can do it far better than I can. I'll just steal theirs .

We have a brand news release on the UberCrack market to keep you all upto date, a pub brawl and lots of 3rd party unit pimpage today as well as a new issue of Annihilarity and more PeterC imagery. I'm sorry it's not as saucy as the last one but I must admit- I think Petey's lost some weight.

29/10/01 - Get away from that Guardian!

I started an argument with PeterC on the UBB a few days ago about Total Annihilation Ethics. Our friend tcbw did a pic about it and it's now available in the visual section for your enjoyment. Peter once said he'd never lost an argument. I think it's more like he's never admitted to losing an argument. Living in denial is tough though so he deserves our support .

28/10/01 - Insult me in real-time

I did a monster update today so you'll understand the delay. I was talking with Screamer and hopefully UCS will have it's own UBB shortly so you can all complain about how crappy my site is and how much you hate Molloy in real-time. I'll add alink to the sidebar when It's done.

I'm releasing Annihilarity 6: Mortal Kombat again because I was'nt allowed to have music on l337 site . Damn you Bantam! *Shakes fists*.

I've been tinkering about wondering what graphics I should add to this site... I'm not sure It'd make things better though so maybe I'll just leave it as it is. You should all try out Google's new image search. It's very, very handy for graphics or whatever other images your into. "Teen + school + uniform + various + states + of + undress". I tell you, It's well worth learning to use your search engine terms effectively .

23/10/01 - PeterC makes the frontpage

I fixed the link on the quotes section I messed up yesterday. Sorry about that- won't happen again . Speaking about being unprofessional check out the news page of Enemy One today, ROFL. Peters never going to live it down.

21/10/01 - Open for business

Uber Crack Shack is now officially open for business at It's new adress at TAUniverse and I would like to thank ewok for the webspace :).

I've been chatting with Bill Bantam who's in the middle of doing a spiffy new redesign for L337 so you should check it out soon. I'm going to keep doing Annihilarity for his site but I'll publish it here too. It's difficult working with TAU and PA a once but I'll do my best not to piss anybody off ;P.

We've got lots of fresh content today. The first letter to Ask The Core Commander from Private Ktulu has been completed. Plus we've got more quotes, intelli-strats(c) and general tom foolery than any other TA site on the net. Enjoy!

18/10/01 - ATCC begins

Hello chaps. Today I made a new entrance page, added the site to the Top 100 sites and added lots of new quotes in the words section. Check out the visuals page for some PeterC photos. I've had quite a few nice suggestions and submissions to the site. Keep them coming and I'll post them right away.

I've also decided to open a section called 'Ask The Core Commander' which you can find in the mailbag link. It's an old reature they used to have on cavedog where you write in letters and the Commander replies to them on the page. I'd love to get this up and running soon so send Bert a letter about your problems and he'll post the letter and response on the mailbag page a few days later.

16/10/01 - Site Uploaded

I'm uploading this site to tripod as a temporary home. Don't expect all the links to work because they won't :). I'm going to add tons of stuff to the site though- quotes, the peewee rap and lots of silly pics of PeterC! Anything you could send to my e-mail adress that relates to TA and is funny would be greatly apreciated.

15/10/01 - Welcome

Welcome to The Uber Crack Shack! This is the premier Total Annihilation drugs site on the net with all manners of jokes, quotes and comics. I'm not sure exactly how everythings going to pan out but I'll probably just make it up as I go along.

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